Account Disk Space Usage

Account Disk Space Usage

There are several different options available for checking your space usage. Read through the following descriptions to choose the one best suited to your needs.

Quick and Easy Quotatable

If you’re going to be checking your quotas frequently, you may want to consider installing a script that will display a summary in your browser. For example, Vladimir Koryagin’s Quotatable script provides a quick and easy reference. To install this script on your account, download the quota.cgi file, upload it to your account somewhere within your www directory structure, and set the permissions on the file to 755 (rwxr-xr-x). Then just point your browser to the URL of the quota.cgi file.

*Click the link to display the source code; or right-click and save, then rename the file to quotatable.cgi

Total Space Usage

To see the total space used by your account, telnet to your account and type:

quota -gv

The command returns the following data:
zeus:/home2/tintagel$ quota -gv
Disk quotas for group tintagelgrp (gid 760):



One “block” = 1 kilobyte, or 1,000 bytes of data. The entries in the “filesystem” column indicate that two system areas – named sda6 and sdb2 – are allocated to the account.

The next four columns – blocks, quota, limit, and grace – refer to the total space used and allowed in blocks. “blocks” represents current usage; “quota” indicates allocated usage; “limit” tells you how much storage you can use before you receive an error; and “grace” is unused on our system. For this particular account, a total of 300 megabytes of storage space are allocated, with a total of approximately 105 mB (103,973 + 952 blocks) currently used.

The last four columns refer to the number of individual files used and allowed. We allocate 5,000 files per 100 mB of data, so this account has a total allocation of 15,000 files, with 8,448 in use.

www Directory Space Usage

To see space reports for the files and subdirectories contained within your www directory, type the following command at the UNIX prompt:

du -sc /home/www/yourdomain

(where yourdomain is your domain name without the extension.

This returns the total number of blocks used in your www directory. Multiply the result by 1,000 to get total megabytes used.

Home Directory Space Usage

To check how much space is being used by files in your home directory, type the following command at the UNIX prompt:

du -sc /home/yourdomain