This is not a typical review on HostingManual. I have decided to cut the project off. Here is the short story.

I needed a VPS and a lot of IP addresses for one of my projects. I have decided to try Misshosting. They looked promising and it was an opportunity to write another review on Hosting Manual. Good deal!

I had a lot of questions to the sales rep before I pulled the trigger. Communication was swift and all looked good. Perfect, in fact!

The VPS was set up and I started to tweak settings. WHM is still a breeze to work with. After some tweaking, I realized that all the IPs I got were from Sweden.

Misshosting is a Swedish company, that was clear from the start, but they told me they can get me IPs from any country. I needed US IPs.

I have contacted support again and they have promised to give me the IPs I needed.

Turned out by this they meant the IPs’ technical contact information contained Misshosting US. Now that doesn’t make an IP located in the US.

At this point I gave up on them. But suddenly my “account manager” disappeared and stopped answering my messages. Live chat support doesn’t have access to billing. I should call phone support, they said. I did. They couldn’t take my call at that time, said the voice on the other end.

I am quite seasoned in this industry, so this started to look familiar. No refunds.

Luckily I have paid via Paypal. I have created a case there and if Misshosting fails to give me a refund, I am sure Paypal will.

At this point I have let them know that I will publish a review of my negative experience with them. It seems they just don’t care. I hate writing negative reviews, but they took ~$250 from me.

How is the service?

To be honest, I think they are fine. I didn’t take the time to do a thorough test on the VPS but it looked responsive enough.

On other review sites they’ve got many praises. No issues there.

Why is the IP location so important? There is no proof, but it makes a lot of sense that search engines take IP location into account when ranking websites for queries from different geographical areas. Having IPs from Sweden are not exactly ideal if you want to target the US market.

This, of course, is just a small part of SEO. But in today’s cutthroat environment you just cannot risk something so small risk everything about your project.

Did Misshosting lie to me?

At this point I am not entirely sure if they have lied to me or they honestly thought they can make their IP addresses be from the US. In either case, I want to move on from them and find a good alternative for my project. I did, but that will be another story for another day.

If they give me a refund, I will probably remove this page not to hurt their business. If they decide to keep it, I will leave this online to serve as a warning for everyone .