Using Miva Empresa (HTMLScript)

Using Miva Empresa (HTMLScript)

What is Miva Empresa?

The Miva Engine makes building dynamic web sites as easy as writing HTML. Quickly develop server and browser independent dynamic sites using the XML standard. Dynamic sites that integrate scripting, database, and commerce can be developed and tested on a Microsoft workstation and deployed on Microsoft or Unix servers.

Miva runs on the web server, interprets the Miva tags and outputs pure HTML to the browser. You can also use Miva to output Javascript and other browser languages, and use the built-in database to easily manipulate and publish data.

Full documentation for Miva Script is offered by Miva Corporation.

How do I use Miva on my server?

The following is what you will need to know to run your Miva script on your domain.

    • The script being called is named miva, and is located in your cgi-bin directory.
    • The active pages (pages with the .hts or .mv extensions) need to be placed in your root www directory, not in subdirectories.
  • A sample URL call for this would be as follows:


Miva Script has a variety of pre configured products that require path information. We have preconfigured miva to automatically look in the/home/yourdomain/htsdata directory for data files. If data is placed in this directory an example call would be as follows:

<export file=”file.dat”>

To call Miva Script through the secure server use the following:

machine should be replaced with the name of the server your account is on. yourdomain should be replaced with your domain name without the TLD extension (i.e., do not include the .com, .net, .org, etc. extensions.)

Supported Standards


Miva (Htmlscript 3.0) tags are XML compliant and include: