Shared Secure Server (SSL) Access

Shared Secure Server (SSL) Access

Your web hosting account may include access to a shared secure server. Your secure server is not really a separate server — it’s simply a way to display your existing web pages through an encrypted connection. Any page on your site can be called through the secure server.

To access one of your pages through the secure server, use the following path (replace “machinename” with the name of the server your domain resides on, replace “yourdomain” with your domain name without the TLD extension, and replace “filename.html” or “scriptname.cgi” with the name of the file you want to call through the secure server):

To access scripts located in your CGI-BIN, use this path:

Note the use of the prefix https instead of the usual http. Secure calls require the use of the https prefix.

How do I find out my server / machine name?

You can find your server name listed on the main page of your web control panel. The panel below indicates that the server name for is fornax.

If the owner of wanted to call a page named mycoolpage.html through the secure server, he would simply link to:

That same page would ordinarily (non-securely) be called by this URL:

You can also telnet to your domain, and simply look at your prompt. It should look something like:


Your server name is the word before the :~$ in your prompt.