WooStroid2: A New Style Your Online Shop Would Die For

It doesn’t matter if you, delicious friend, are a man or a woman – time to time everyone wants to change something in his or her appearance. Sometimes it is a minor change, like a new haircut or some different style in clothes, and sometimes you go for plastic surgery or completely change your diet and lifestyle. TemplateMonster decided to do some sufficient changes in its most popular templates and after Monstroid2 the time has come to update and refresh the WooStroid. The new WooStroid2 is a completely new theme and believe me – it rocks. Or don’t believe me and check it by yourself. I’m going to show you what it is made of, so prepare to be charmed.

By the way, as it is the freshest (and currently the hottest one) TemplateMonster newcomer, from 28 January till 4 February WooStroid2 could be purchased with a 30% discount. Don’t miss it!

What is WooStroid2?

So, WooStroid2 is a multipurpose WordPress theme, perfectly compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and created for online stores. The word “multipurpose” means you will be able to use it for every type of shop and any kind of products. Clothes, tools, electronics, software or toys – WooStroid2 has a huge set of skins for all niches and their number constantly grows. The theme is updated every month and new skins are added to the collection. WooStroid2 is a versatile theme, that’s for sure.

Even before its update, WooStroid was a very popular theme and more than 80 websites were built using it. There are some very nice examples on ThemesInfo of what’s possible with Woostroid2. The creators saved the best from WooStroid and made it better. WooStroid2 is a faster, more efficient and more convenient version of the previous theme. Either if you are a devoted WooStroid fan or a beginner who seeks a fitting theme for his new website – WooStroid2 will fully satisfy you.

Best WooStroid2 features

Enough of general description, it is time to talk about some concrete advantages. If you didn’t believe me at the beginning of the article, now I’m going to prove that WooStroid2 is really awesome. Every theme has its strong sides, but not all of them has so many pros. Here’s a list of the most exciting (in my opinion, of course) features of WooStroid2.

  • Lots of demos. As I said previously – WooStroid is versatile and is, in fact, a many-in-one product. By now, it has 10 demos of different kinds of shops and with the constant updates, this number will grow on and on.
  • Elementor page builder. With this page builder on board, you can build your website just drag-and-dropping the parts to the page. It is like a fascinating game, like combining puzzle pieces. Customization and designing the pages become easy as cake.
  • Completely responsive. The situation is very simple. If your website is not adapted for mobile phones – you don’t get all the traffic you can. Less traffic – fewer purchases and less profit. That’s why WooStroid2 is completely responsive and your clients will be able to shop conveniently from every device – their smartphones, tablets or PCs.
  • Cherry framework. Not everyone likes page builders (a little strange for me, but true). If you are one of them, WooStroid2 is still a template worth your attention because of the Cherry framework. It is a collection of plugins, that make working in the WordPress dashboard much easier by adding more convenient tools.
  • Excellent support. The TemplateMonster Tech support team is the best on the market. And that is not an exaggeration – other marketplaces have much less efficient and fast-working team. Any problem that could occur with WooStroid2 will be solved within 24 hours.

Built-in plugins

A set of plugins included in the template package is probably the biggest of its advantages and that’s why I’m highlighting it. First of all, there are 8 Jet plugins, created especially to expand the number of available options of the Elementor menu. The set of plugins WooStroid2 ships with will add dozens of useful widgets to your disposal.

Besides that 8 add-ons, WooStroid2 also has 4 original plugins, created especially to work with WooCommerce through Elementor. For those who get used to Elementor’s customization menu, such an option will be super-convenient! Let’s take a sneak peek on each of them.

JetWooBuilder. All WooCommerce instruments converted for Elementor. Fill the products listings and single product pages right from the visual working field. Change layouts and sculpt the design quickly and easily with just your mouse. To understand how this plugin works – check out the video:

JetSmartFilters. Sorting options make searching for products easier and improve the user experience. This plugin allows you to add nine different types of filters to make going through the products list more efficient. Sorting widgets are versatile, so you will be able to customize it according to any needs. Watch the video for details:

JetProductGallery. With this add-on, you will get the complete control of your product gallery appearance. Products can be displayed in slider, list or grid format. For every item, you will be able to choose its own type of gallery and set them separately. Here’s a video to make its functionality clearer to you:

JetCompareWishlist. This is the freshest of the Elementor plugins. This plugin allows you to build the look of compare and wish list, add social media sharing, “Compare” and “Wishlist” buttons to any place of the page.

WooStroid2 installation

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? To feel the real charm of the WooStroid2 theme, I have to show how it looks like. I will lead you through the installation process and show you a few features that you could appreciate only when the theme is already downloaded to your computer. So, the first pleasant surprise awaits you right after making the payment. Under the download button, there is a link to detailed template documentation.

The instructions are followed by pictures which make it more understandable. That document shows you how to install the theme and describes its main features. That will be really useful for beginners who are starting to create their first website.

So, the download is complete and the files safely lie somewhere on your computer. First of all – open the .zip file and export the template out of there. Go Manual Install > Theme and get the woostroid.zip file into the same folder the general package lands. To start the installation process you will need that separate file.

Go to Appearance > Themes > Add new and hit the “Upload new” button. Choose the file you have just exported and download it to your dashboard. After pressing the “Activate” button you will get the opportunity to get a special Jet Plugins Wizard that’ll help you to install all the plugins and demo content included to the theme package. The Wizard will save you some time, so I recommend you to use it.

After choosing to install the plugin you will be taken to the installation page. Press the “Install” button and it will proceed with the process.

The installation usually goes smoothly. When it is over, return to the dashboard. On the “Home” tab you will see a notification, offering you some help in demo content uploading and plugin installation. Don’t hesitate and hit the “Start Install” button.

There are 17 fully-functional demos for WooStroid2. Choose the one you like the most and press “start Install” button. I’ve chosen the first one, versatile basic WooStroid2 Full Content version. It warned me that the installation will take some time, but I would like to see the biggest of demos, so I proceeded.

The Wizard will offer you to choose what plugins to install – that list of 15 items is a free addition to the theme, so I’d recommend to try them out. The Elementor Page Builder is very convenient to use and Jet plugins expand its abilities quite considerably. When you click the “Next” button, the installation process begins.

During the installation, the Wizard will ask you if you would like to replace the existing content with the demo one – if you just started the website creation it will be OK to agree. Otherwise, choose to append the demo content.

When the process is over – voila! Everything is set and ready for work. Your website now looks something like this:

Wrapping up

WooStroid2 is cool, great and marvelous. No, really, you should try it yourself, I’m sure you will like it. It is fast, it is convenient and it is versatile, so it will fit any project and will be a real help in your business. The upgrade definitely made this theme better. So download the WooStroid2, create an awesome website and start selling! Good luck!