How to Stream MP3

How to Stream MP3

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To stream an mp3 file, upload your mp3 file to your www directory (or to a subdirectory of your www directory) in BINARY format.

Then use this code:

<audio controls>
<source src="" type="audio/mpeg">
<source src="" type="audio/ogg">

For example:

  1. Create a subdirectory (e.g., media) in your www directory.
  2. Then, upload your mp3 file named (e.g., youraudio.mp3 into that directory. Be sure to upload The mp3 file in BINARY format.
  3. Finally, add the above code with the fully-qualified URL of your mp3 file (e.g.,
  4. Then visit the page and start the playback.

If you are using WordPress, it can natively handle media files and streaming. Upload your media file and insert it into a post. It’s that easy.

In the case of mp3 media, the buffering is determined by the media player on the listener’s computer — it’s not a server-side function.