WordPress SEO Optimization

Do you have a WordPress blog? Are you sure you make the most out of it?

Let us take a look at your website and perfect your onsite SEO.

Google is still the biggest source of traffic. Don’t leave money on the table if you are serious about your business.

Onsite SEO is an Art

Over are the times when you could put a lot of keywords on a page and Google would rank it. That’s now called keyword stuffing. You have to find a delicate balance, and that’s not easy. Only with experience can you shoot for that balance.

Well crafted titles, heading, descriptive but not overstuffed meta description, meta keywords (shouldn’t use those any more), bold, italics, these are the most important parts of a page.

And all this is constantly changing. You have to keep up with search news all the time.

Google Panda and Other Penalties

If your website is not well optimized or overoptimized you will be prone to penalties like Panda. Make sure your site is set up in a way that Google likes and awards.

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