How We Review and Rate Services

As we prominently state on this website, we are funded by affiliate commissions. We write reviews of the companies we get commissions from, so we feel it’s important to disclose how we review and rate them and how this relationship influences our reviews.

The Review Process

Every review we publish is slightly different. The main theme is:

  • Signup process
  • Pricing
  • Customer support
  • Refund policy
  • Website speed
  • Uptime
  • Pros and Cons

The editors of this website help clients with webmaster related tasks, so we have access to a many hosting services. We also have our own accounts with some of them.

We review mostly the above mentioned points for each company and draw our conclusions. We have our own opinions about what factors are the most important, so our reviews are indeed very subjective. We thrive to provide you as much unbiased information as possible.

The Rating Process

Ratings, by their very nature are relative. We rarely (if ever) give five star ratings because there is no perfect service (yet). We have to compare companies to each other for ratings to make sense.

You can have the best speed and support if your pricing is 3x some other company that provides just an OK service, you may still get the same or lower ratings, because people care about the price. I wish there was a clear cut formula I could give you for our ratings, but there is none.

Do Commissions Influence the Ratings and Reviews?

The availability of an affiliate program influences whether we review a service. That’s just how we are funded so it makes sense to write about stuff that can generate revenue for us.

The amount of commissions does not influence the review or the ratings. It influences the prominence of a company in our channels (e.g. linking more to the review from other pages, sharing on social media), but only if we feel it provides real value to our readers.

For additional details, please read our Terms and our Affiliate Disclaimer.