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Free Website Setup

If you sign up with one of our recommended web hosts, we will set up a WordPress site for you per your specifications absolutely free. Speed optimization included!

WordPress Speed Optimization

Do you know how much your conversion suffers because you have a slow website? Here is an idea. If you have a WP blog or a site running on WordPress, we can help you bring out the highest speed possible.

The audit usually looks at:

  • your theme
  • plugins
  • caching
  • server settings
  • content recommendations
  • optimized website structure
  • and more.

The best thing is if we cannot improve the speed of your website the service is for free.

Website SEO Audit

Would you like to harness the free traffic Google, Bing, and Yahoo can send your way? There are specific guidelines your site has to be compliant with. I am not talking only about Google’s Quality Guidelines. They are there for everyone to see. Although it takes some experience to read between the lines.

No, I am talking about little-known secrets that can make a lousy website to a visitor magnet.

You will receive a detailed report on what should be corrected on your website. This is called onsite SEO. You will also receive a comprehensive link building plan that you can follow. You have to be careful here! Act on the wrong advice and your website will be a prey to Google’s various updates or a manual penalty.

You get a guarantee: if your website’s ranking doesn’t improve within one month of implementing the changes recommended by us, you will receive a full refund.