WordPress Migration Service

Migrating WordPress to a new web host is a big deal for most people. Hosting Manual’s WordPress Migration service can take the headache off your back.

How WordPress Migration Works

  1. We start by updating your website. That means that all the plugins, themes, and the WordPress core should be at the latest version.
  2. We back up the database and files.
  3. We change the DNS records or you can do it by following our instructions. Some people don’t want to give access to their domain registrar so that’s why we offer that option.
  4. Once we have the DNS changes set, we restore your website on the new server.
  5. 99% of the time everything goes smoothly. In some rare cases when you have an outdated or special plugin installed, the migration may fail. We try to fix it, but if there is no way to do that, we restore the DNS records to their original value and give you a refund. We didn’t have to do this for any client yet.

How Long Does Migration Take?

In most cases it takes less than an hour to migrate a website if we are dealing with a control panel based hosting service. If you are moving to an unmanaged server, it will take considerably longer and the price reflects this.

What Are The Credentials Needed For The Migration?

  • Login details to your hosting service
  • Login details to your domain registrar (optional, but then you have to change the records).

Money Back Guarantee

If we fail to migrate your whatever reason (which is highly unlikely), we will give you a full refund.