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WebHostingHub Review

What is Web Hosting Hub?

WebHostingHub is the sister site of Inmotion Hosting. The 20x faster SSD hosting, website backups, and a personalized on-boarding make it a really unique service provider on the market.

The next one in my review series is WebHostingHub. I have several of my clients hosted with them, ranging from Spark to Dynamo. In fact, I am seeing an increasing number of small businesses partnering up with this company. The other high-rising company is GreenGeeks.

When one of my clients first told me about them, I wasn’t expecting too much from a company I barely had heard of. I was none the less blown away by this hidden little gem.

And back then they didn’t even offer discounts like this!

I shouldn’t have been surprised because Hub belongs to the same company that runs Inmotion. And Inmotion has been one of the best for years.

Looking for a web hosting company can be a headache because it seems like they are all the same. But when you get down to reviews and details, they are quite different from each other. Some promise green energy, some promise the best customer service, but what you need is a web hosting company that will never allow your website to go offline. I have written this WebHostingHub review to let you know about a reliable yet cheap hosting company.

Welcome on Board!

One of the most exciting features that make WebHostingHub special compared to the dozens of hosting companies I know, is the unique and personal on-boarding call.

They don’t rest after they got your trust (and money). Once your account is set up, a rep from the company will call you and discuss all the steps you should take to make the most out of your hosting accounts. That goes the extra mile and shows the commitment to customers’ success.

Here is what the Account Management Panel looks like:

AMP – This is what you see when you are signed in

BBB Accredited

100% Uptime

What you see below is my uptime statistics for WebHostingHub. In all three timeframes, it shows a whopping 100% uptime.

WebHostingHub Uptime
WebHostingHub Uptime

I would say that’s a great uptime among web hosts in this price range, although I would still expect some downtime eventually. That’s not being pessimistic. It’s normal; there is no 100% uptime in the long run.

Zero-downtime Web Site Transfer

Zero-downtime is what Webhostinghub offers with website transfers too. In case you have an existing site, you simply let it to them to transfer your files and databases over and make sure that everything works as it should. You are not locked in with your current hosting company (in case you don’t like them).

In case you still find something is not quite right at any time, you can contact the customer support 24/7. I will write more about the support experience later on.

cPanel, my Favorite Control Panel

cPanel is my favorite control panel of all. Vdeck and Plesk are not bad either, but cPanel is the one I get things done with, and fast! Here is what cPanel looks like at Web Hosting Hub:

WebHostingHub cPanel
WebHostingHub cPanel

If you are already familiar with this control panel, there is pretty much everything standard. If you don’t really know it yet, I am going to write about each feature in detail later on, so check back.

Unlimited Resources with Handy Tools

The free domain name and the marketing credit worth more than what you pay for upfront. Getting traffic to a website is one of the most challenging things faced by website owners today. With Hub you are not only getting a web hosting service; the company also provides free $75 credit for advertising on Google AdWords.

This means that you will have free traffic to your website and if possible, sell some products and services to the visiting users. Here are some details about the major features:

  • Unlimited Web Hosting – Unlimited number of websites, domains, disk space, bandwidth.
  • More Tools – With 310+ free tools you can quickly create blogs, e-commerce sites or whatever you can come up with.
  • Free Domain Name – Get a unique domain name for your new project for free with your hosting account.
  • Real Full Money Back Guarantee – Most other hosts will give only a partial refund, even if you cancel minutes after signing up. Not Webhostinghub. If you cancel within 90 days of signing up, they will give you a full refund, no deductions under any weird name.

WebHostingHub is as professional a web hosting company as you can find on the market, and is stacked with some of the most cutting-edge technologies and support never hurt a business before.

Without ample features, you will fail online! The experts at WebHostingHub know this and therefore include some exciting features in their hosting plans. To name a few: unlimited disk space for hosting unlimited websites, in addition to unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail addresses, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited parked domains and unlimited FTP accounts.


There are also many e-commerce tools for managing your online store. You will be able to start selling your products or services and start filling your wallet immediately. The small business features include:

  • Free domain name
  • An easy-to-use control panel
  • E-commerce tools
  • Email that is extremely secure
  • Website statistics
  • Premium web builder
  • And more

Just off the top of my head you can get going with Cube Cart, OS Commerce, Zen Cart, Shared SSL Certificate, and compatibility with Google Checkout and PayPal.


This is a shopping cart software with an intuitive control panel for managing how your products will be sold. WebHostingHub provides it, so you get full support even on specific functions. That might not be the case if you install a random open source platform.

Hosting Forums

An online forum is a means for people to discuss matters of mutual interest. If you offer a service online and would like to set up a way for people to ask questions and get answers, creating a forum online is a good idea.

With WebHostingHub, you will have a hosting plan for popular forum software such as PHPBB and Simple Machines Forum (SMF).

Freebies for All Users

You will also have access to many free trials to see what will work the best for your small business or personal website. Some of the free trials that come with a Web Hosting Hub account are:

  • Backup Solutions from Mozy.com
  • Email marketing tools from iContact
  • Word of mouth marketing from RatePoint
  • Online payments and secure credit card acceptance with eOnlineData
  • Virtual phone system from RingCentral
  • Email marketing services from ConstantContact
  • Internet FAX services from eFax
  • And so much more

Easy Saving Time

The things I particularly like about WebHostingHub.com were how easy everything was. Even though I’m a bit of a web professional, the last thing I want to do when running a business is to waste time when there is a more natural or more straightforward way.

One of the things that knocked me out was the fact that they understood this concept and did everything they possibly could to make sure that things were comfortable, well labeled, and laid out smartly and intuitively.

Having a website up and running is quite an achievement, but the story doesn’t end there. With continuous backups, your efforts won’t be lost even if you mess something up. That’s $1 per month extra.

WebHostingHub Review > cPanel Brings the Goodies

If you’ve ever struggled with a user interface of a control panel with a web hosting provider and lost countless amounts of precious time because of it, you can rest easy – when you go with WebHostingHub, everything has been designed to be as easy as humanly possible.

Choice Between Two Data Centers

Most retail hosting companies I have dealt with have only one data center. WebHostingHub.com, on the other hand, offers the choice between two data centers: one the west coast and one on the east coast. Why is that important you might think? It’s easy: because the closer the data center located to you, the faster your website and email will load.

If you have clients only from a particular geographic location, it certainly makes sense to place your website as close to them as possible.

Green Data Center in Los Angeles

You have probably heard that the web hosting industry has one of the most significant carbon output. That’s why Hub decided to open data center that’s powered purely by green energy. I don’t know about you, but that’s something that’s high on my list.

Support to My Satisfaction

Offer just about unlimited everything (pretty much industry standard across the board), the real gem and hidden surprise of WebHostingHub was the speed of their support services.

I have to say they are better than the rest regarding the 24/7 support provided for those who need assistance with managing the tools in their hosting accounts. You will be assisted by phone, online documentation, online chat, and a support ticket system.

You can choose the support method you think would work for you, unlike many other companies where you are forced to use a specific one.

Prompt Answers

Every time I had a question, comment, or concern I was always directed to a real person almost instantly and the support member stayed with me until the problem was resolved to my satisfaction.

There was no breakdown in communication, no bumping me upstairs when the questions became more pointed and difficult to answer – these support team members are entirely professional and super knowledgeable.

Whatever training they put them through is working very well.

A Great Up and Comer

Today it is necessary for any business to have a website. The problem most people face is that there are many unreliable web hosting companies, unable to help their business growth.

So even if you hadn’t heard of this company just yet, I want you to know that they are one of the best and brightest of the up and comers in the web hosting world. Let’s just take a look at these features for a sec.


I would recommend them without hesitation, and the features and price points are right in line with the industry. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with WebHostingHub.com – especially the customer service and their communications.

Since Hub does a great job at hosting, I have worked out a pretty good deal (55% Off!) exclusively for HostingManual readers.