Websitr Golive Checklist

Publishing Your Website: Go-Live Checklist

I have participated in the creation and publishing of hundreds of websites. I have learned what are the crucial elements on every website to make it successful. Follow these tips and your website will likely attract a lot of visitors. Fail in more than a couple of them, and you will have a hard time […]

9 Web Hosting Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

9 Web Hosting Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Selecting a hosting plan is a crucial part of building a successful website. Whether you are setting up a blog, e-commerce site, company website or otherwise, you need to be sure that your host is reliable, efficient and available to support you when you need them. Unfortunately, all hosting packages are not created equal, and […]

Troubleshooting Broken Images and Hyperlinks

How to Fix Broken Images and Links on Your Website

There are three possible reasons why your images are not showing up on your pages as expected: The image file is not located in the same location that is specified in your <IMG SRC=> tag; the image does not have the same path and/or filename as specified in your <IMG SRC=> tag; the image file is corrupt or damaged.

Robots.txt File Explained: Allow or Disallow All or Part of Your Website

Robots.txt File Explained: Allow or Disallow All or Part of Your Website

The sad reality is that most webmasters have no idea what a robots.txt file is. A robot in this sense is a “spider.” It’s what search engines use to crawl and index websites on the internet. A spider will crawl a site and index all the pages (that are allowed) on that site. Once that’s complete, […]

Domain Traceroute Instructions

How to Do a Traceroute to a Domain?

In many cases, you’ll need to see a traceroute from your computer to your domain in order to diagnose connection and other problems. To run a traceroute from your machine, follow the instructions below.

Troubleshooting E-mail Problems

Troubleshooting E-mail Problems

Check your Configuration The first thing to do is verify that you have configured your e-mail client correctly. At the very least, make sure that you have your POP (Incoming) Mail Server set to yourdomain.com (where yourdomain.com is your actual domain name.) Do not prefix your domain name with http://, www.,mail., pop3. or any other prefix. Also verify that your username and password have been entered correctly. […]

Protect your Domain Registration

Protect your Domain Registration

We often get frantic support calls like, “HELP! My web site is completely down!!!” We do a little checking and discover that the web site’s fine, but the problem is that the domain name registration has expired, so the registration agency has disabled the nameserver lookup. In some cases, the registration expired so long ago […]